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Private Equity

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Private Equity has its advantages when structured correctly at the appropriate time, maintaining or achieving a commercially acceptable ratio. Equity financing is ideal for companies that are unable to obtain sufficient funds through retained earnings or currently have limited access to the debt capital markets.  


Unlike a loan, the company is not obligated to repay the principal and it is in the investor's own interest to enhance and accelerate the company's growth providing management with an additional in-house source of advisory and expertise.


SalemBridge is able to provide access to capital sources by leveraging our relationship and database of various private equity groups, financial sponsors and venture capital funds as well as other institutional investors. 


Transaction Sizes: $1MM and up


Structure: Majority or minority interests, control or non-controlling interests


Criteria: EBITDA of $1MM or higher. Compelling business model. Competitive advantages. Defensible market. Large market. Recurring revenues. Strong growth potential. Strong and dedicated management teams. Viable exit strategies.


Use of funds: Acquisitions, add-on acquisitions, ESOP financing, divestitures, estate planning, expansion capital, going private, growth capital, management buy-outs/buy-ins, mezzanine, PIPE's, recapitalization, restructurings, shareholder liquidity, spin-outs/spin-offs

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