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Bridge Loans

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Bridge Loans are essential to addressing short-term working capital needs until the next liquidity event arises for your company. SalemBridge is able to structure a customized bridge-debt financing solution to simply avoid or fend off unexpected cash-crunches and liabilities until the next round of funding, thus allowing you to re-focus on the core elements of your business. Bridge loans can also be utilized to supplement an M&A transaction or fulfill a large purchase order. 

Transaction Sizes:  $250K to $5MM


Structure:  Secured by real estate, receivables, equipment, cross collateralization, or in the form of a convertible note


Rates / Terms:  Rates as low as 6.9%. Minimal closing fees (1-5%). Up to 75% LTV on secured bridge loans. Term sheet within 48 or hours or less. Funding within 5-10 days or less. 


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