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Financial Advisory

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If your company is suffering from the following problems:

  • Lack of cash flow

  • Lack of capital

  • Lack of working capital

  • Increasing costs

  • Overburden with debt

  • Under-performing assets

  • Little to no external growth

  • Poor financial management

  • Poor risk management

  • Declining business

If any of the above symptoms applies to your firm, now is the time to seek professional help before its too late.


According to a recent US Bank study, 82% of businesses fail due to cash flow problems. The biggest mistake many companies make is waiting until its too late to seek out professional help when trying to solve their cash flow problems.

SalemBridge Advisors can help you solve these problems by utilizing its “Financial Diagnosis” tool © - working side-by-side with your team in examining the core aspects of your business to unravel the underlying causes that are dragging down the bottom line, hindering performance, preventing access to long-term capital or other areas that may be poised for restructuring.

Some examples would be negotiating with current creditors to minimize debt load, implementing a change in dividend/distribution policy to preserve cash flow, budgeting for next capital investment, or reducing unnecessary costs and expenses. SalemBridge seeks to maximize your firm's value by improving margins, organizing your firm's fiscal matters, facilitate growth, and maximize your company's free cash flows that will allow your firm to generate real returns that exceeds your company's cost-of-capital. This will ultimately enable your firm to generate real shareholder value. Our services also allow you to focus on running and managing your business.

Our approach is methodical and outside the typical routine that avoids the "cookie-cutter" approach that most advisory firms employ when addressing the financial aspects of a company. Many metrics that are extremely valuable towards valuation, modeling and planning are often misused and misrepresented by other advisory firms thus making it more difficult to measure a company's real progress in areas of growth and value, as well as planning for the future. Your firm simply cannot afford to make these costly mistakes!

Financial Advisory Expertise

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SalemBridge delivers an executive perspective acting as advisors to senior management or assuming interim part-time CFO roles when necessary. SalemBridge's financial advisory services compliments our core services and enables clients to maximize their capital sourcing, M&A, growth, refinancing or restructuring efforts.

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