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When considering a merger or an acquisition, it is essential for any corporation or management team to hire a prominent advisor that will thoroughly guide you throughout the process in order to maximize total returns and minimize all potential risk while avoiding the common pitfalls often associated with various failed transactions in the middle-market M&A space.


Undergoing a merger or an acquisition can be quite time consuming and complex. Often, many management teams pre-maturely approach such transactions without the proper preparation or evaluation which causes them to burn up valuable time and resources that could have been spent on further enhancing or monitoring day-to-day operations. The mistakes in the corporate M&A universe can be quite costly - and the rumors are true that most acquisitions simply fail in the end.

At SalemBridge, we believe an acquisition strategy is more than just a temporary boost to the financials, therefore it is vital to work with an experienced advisor that will effectively help you implement a well-defined strategy and assist you in planning accordingly and properly manage integration issues to mitigate risks in order to successfully structure and execute transactions for long-term success. By leveraging our proficient ability, expertise and resources, our methodology allows you to remain focused on current core operations while keenly guiding you and managing the M&A process. 


​Whether the situation involves estate planning, realizing shareholder liquidity, conducting an industry consolidation, divestiture of non-core assets or divisions, or any other scenario, SalemBridge is your committed partner throughout the whole process.


Buy-Side Services

  • Developing a comprehensive plan outlining corporate objectives, growth, integration and exit strategies

  • Identifying, sourcing and evaluating potential acquisition targets

  • Initiate contact and perform confidential discussions with selected targets

  • Perform valuation on selected target

  • Locate and source financing investors

  • Efficiently negotiate and structure the terms

  • Execute on our integration strategy to enable a smooth transaction process


Sell-Side Services


  • Clearly define exit strategy

  • Field exam on the business and its financials/bookkeeping/reporting records

  • Precisely determine enterprise value and pricing

  • Devise a confidential and magnetic offering memorandum/package

  • Identify both strategic and financial buyers

  • Thorough examination and screening of potential acquirers

  • Perform deal structuring and negotiations

  • Manage the due-diligence and closing process

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