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Business Valuations

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Knowing the value of your business is lucidly paramount if you are planning on selling anytime soon or in the future. Valuations are also imperative when it comes to addressing capital raises, implementing ESOP's, tax compliance purposes or simply for devising strategic plans.

At SalemBridge, our focus is to deliver the most precise valuation for your business by utilizing multiple valuation techniques centered around the following areas:

  • Mergers & Acquisitions

  • ESOP's

  • Tax-Efficient Strategies

  • Partner Buyouts

  • Purchase Price Allocations

When it comes to selling, knowing the value of the business can influence the decision of when to sell, or perhaps sell the company at all. It is ideal that potential sellers should plan ahead a few years in advance by undergoing a professional appraisal to receive a better analysis on the core strengths and weaknesses of the business at the current time. This enables the seller to plan more thoroughly the timing of the sale as well as discovering ways to maximize its current strengths and capitalize on them as well as minimizing its weaknesses

SalemBridge will not only devise an accurate and credible independent valuation and opinion for your business, but will also engage with your company throughout the whole process in identifying core strengths and weaknesses and how to effectively maximize/minimize those key attributes in order to further enhance value and preparation for the sale.

SalemBridge will also focus on other core areas such as financial reporting, forecasting, addressing expenses/SDE and other crucial components as both strategic and financial buyers desire transparency.

SalemBridge has performed multiple valuations for leading middle market companies while enhancing their enterprise values and implementing cost-effective strategies in order to achieve the maximum sale price. SalemBridge is committed to being your partner throughout the whole process - let us work the markets for you.


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