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Loan Workouts

SalemBridge designs and builds exclusive financial models for both public/private companies and leading private equity investment funds. Our financial models are detail-oriented and custom-made to our clients' unique situation. 


Our financial modeling expertise allows you to refocus on your business while we handle the burden of crunching the numbers and doing the critical analysis and research that is needed in order to accurately reflect your company's operations and align with your company's strategic goals. 

Reasons why Businesses Hire a Loan Workout Advisor?

  • They need a good negotiator

  • Business owners just do not feel like dealing with their creditors

  • Business owners oftentimes get too emotional

  • Allows the borrower to focus on running their business

Some of the benefits of debt structuring vs Bankruptcy include:

  • Extended and reduced monthly payments

  • Reduced (or the elimination of) legal bills

  • Less time spent dealing and negotiating with creditors and collection agencies

  • Gradual improvement of credit with consistent, on-time payments

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