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Our Focus

We typically work with companies that are highly leveraged or burdened with toxic debt obligations that prevent them from growing or expanding their operations. We also work with companies that have value-destroying capital structures. SalemBridge displays a high attentiveness towards companies that are typically distressed, troubled or are in need of a restructuring that are preferably generating revenues of at least $2MM or higher.


SalemBridge is committed towards enabling your company to achieve its long-term stated goals as our team is focused on building long-term relationships rather than just conducting one-time transactions. Therefore our team has to be highly selective in its engagements in order to thoroughly commit to its current client-base. 


Industry Focus

  • Business Services

  • Construction

  • Consumer Goods

  • Consumer Services

  • Consulting Firms

  • Distribution

  • Energy Firms

  • Financial Services

  • Franchises

  • Manufacturing

  • Real Estate

  • Retail

  • Transportation

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