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Our Focus

We are not generalists, but rather specialists in our areas of focus. Discover our areas of focus.

Our Approach

Our approach is powerful and unique which gives us the edge over other firms.

Our Clients

Learn about our clients and how they benefit from SalemBridge's services.

About Us

SalemBridge Advisors is an independent corporate finance advisory firm that provides debt capital and debt restructuring services to small and lower middle market companies.


Our firm specializes in optimizing a company's financials by providing creative capital and capital advisory solutions that effectively reduces a firm's overall debt load, lowers interest and principal expenses, increases company free cash flows, and ultimately maximizing their enterprise values.

Our Expertise

Our boutique firm is comprised of individuals with extensive background and experience in corporate finance, asset based lending, private equity, investment banking and c-level executive roles. This combined expertise delivers our firm a profound edge over most of our competitors since we have operated from each side of the table. Because of this advantage, we are known for working with our clients on devising the most comprehensive financing strategy while also structuring the most appropriate deal for their situation, and ultimately lowering their cost-of-capital by negotiating the most favorable terms and pricing.

Many companies continue to suffer from a lack of free cash flow and simply fail to create any genuine equity value even if profitable due to value-destroying capital structures or limited access to the most appropriate sources of capital. A few examples would be mismatching cash-flows to assets, raising long-term debt for short-term situations, entering financial covenants that are misaligned with your company’s strategy, or simply the inability to negotiate with creditors and suppliers or access to alternative sources for capital.


The Solution

Our advantage not only includes access to many sources of capital, ranging from large financial institutions to small private capital investors, but also the ability to properly comprehend your unique situation, understand your company’s business model and industry, and most importantly on structuring the right deal that optimizes your company’s performance and appropriately aligns with your company’s strategic goals.  

Our firm is a huge proponent on capital structure theory and the importance in designing the optimal mix between debt / equity and everything in between that maximizes your company’s value. Therefore it is vital to engage an advisor such as SalemBridge Capital who knows how to navigate the capital markets, and all the financial jargon in between in order to ensure your company obtains the most optimal deal in the least dilutive format.  

See our Insights section for additional information and articles relating to capital structure theory.

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