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Term Loans

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Term Loans are the most cost-effective forms of capital that ranks at the top of the capital structure and are mostly provided by banks. SalemBridge leverages its relationships and network of various commercial banks and credit partners enabling our firm to structure multiple senior credit/second-lien facilities such as:


  • Secured Term Loans

  • Revolvers

  • Cash-Flow Term Loans

  • Stretch Facilities

  • Short-term Credit Lines

  • Second-lien Debt

  • Uni-tranche Facilities


Transaction Size:  $250,000 to $250,000,000


Structure/Terms:  Typically 1-10 year terms, fully amortizing, rates as low as 1 under prime to 5+ over prime, A, B, C and D terms available for larger raises


Criteria:  Investment grade companies, strong tangible asset base or positive cash-flows, preferably mature companies with positive net incomes, healthy financials


Features:  Most inexpensive form of capital. Can be structured either secured, second-lien, hybrid or unsecured. Tax advantages. No dilution. Ideal for growth, refinances, capital expenditures, mergers & acquisitions, leveraged buyouts, or working capital

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