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SalemBridge Adds New Financial Modeling Service

June 21, 2018


SalemBridge is proud to announce the addition of its new financial modeling service division which will focus on providing custom-built financial models and financial modeling consulting services for companies preparing for a transaction, restructuring, or planning for growth. The SalemBridge team has created many financial models for clients in the past and has decided to incorporate this expertise into one of our main services. Our typical clientele for this area will encompass both public/private companies and private equity investment funds.

The program will enable companies to focus on running their companies while SalemBridge assumes the burden of crunching the numbers and conducting in-depth financial analysis. This program will significantly benefit all companies by enabling them to better understand their business and the numbers behind them. The program also will be an important component towards optimizing for future growth and the key drivers to support that growth.

The days of creating pie-in-the-sky forecasts and bogus valuations are over as more and more lenders and investors are becoming more sophisticated in their approach. Nothing is more of a turn-off to potential lenders and investors than having unrealistic forecasts and valuations plagued with vague numbers and generic inputs that do not even correlate with the company's business model. SalemBridge solves this problem by providing expert guidance in creating professional financial models and financial modeling advisory to help your business better understand and interpret their situations.



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